It’s a “Me” World, After All

At the encouragement of mi esposa my lady love, I decided to open this blog to the public. I have a blog of my writing, which focuses on sharing content, and I have a photography blog that is mostly a portfolio of my work. However, there is more to being an artist than the art.

On my writing blog, I sometimes write about the process of writing, and those are by far my most popular posts. However, I never talk about my motivations behind the writing, or behind my photography for that matter. Most importantly, I bombard my friends with reams of ideas that I’ve encountered in my many years, and they’re sick of listening I think it’s time I had a place to put all the stuff I’ve learned.

This blog isn’t about me; but it’s about the world I’ve encountered and what I’ve learned from it. Thanks for stopping by. I know you will await my every move with breathless anticipation.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.11.34 PM

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