The Day After

On my day off, the day we call Black Friday in the U.S., rather than spending my time at the mall, at work, or writing at home, I spent it babysitting my favorite 2 and almost-5 year old. It was just me, the kids, and my little Fujifilm X20. I have to say, it did a pretty admirable job. I did okay as well, as both kids remained intact.

For reasons I will never understand, kids, cats, and puppies like me. Women like me too, although that I’m beginning to understand. 🙂 Hope your day(s) were pleasant and fruitful.

Don’t touch the lens, buddy.

Thanks. 🙂

As an aside, I am still feeling my way through what this blog’s purpose will be. I suspect this is the one that will succeed my other blogs. Those are my portfolios – writing and photography. This is my life. Ironically, I’ve also decided that all of the photos on this blog will be black and white. My life kind of is too.

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