In My Mind

From November 2008:

it happens in the mind

long before
there were thoughts of you

I thought of
your firm,
round places
begging for kisses,
have awaited my touch

chemistry from the start
will die within us
our minds make love
in ways
they can’t
and my dark places
are filled with
thoughts of you

the light places
from your absence
and wait
always wait
till first we meet


3 thoughts on “In My Mind

      • You of all people know you can’t divorce yourself from the deep inspiration that from where these poems come. Apparently sometimes they allude to real things and real people without you knowing at the time. Fiction is indeed fiction, but then life is a fiction being constantly created by us all. So such pieces are designed, and destined to trigger deep seated emotions that resonate outward in unimaginable ways. There is no such thing as being merely poetic for poetry’s sake, it all means something to someone, and it might just make a difference for what it’s worth, otherwise you wouldn’t have written it, much less published it. Everything happens at the right time and with good reason.


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