Do. Be. Write.

charlie-brownIn terms of actively writing, I recently figured out that over the last 4.5 years, since I wrote that 1st short story that turned into the Stream, I’ve averaged only 476 words per day. That’s about equal to a blog post, or about 1 1/3 paperback pages per day. However, over the 4.5 years, it adds up to 775,369 words. Of those, I’ve published 481,264 words and the rest are works-in-progress. None of them has won a Pulitzer, but who knows, the next one might.

My point is, just by writing consistently, and way less than Stephen King’s 3,000 words per day, I’ve finished 5 novels and a short story collection, and I’m 1/3 of the way through a 6th novel and another short story collection.

We are writers not because we create great works, or even because we write. We are writers because the stories will never quiet until you let them out.

Begin. Do. Be whom you were born to be. I promise that you are enough.


9 thoughts on “Do. Be. Write.

  1. My original fantasy novel, begun in ’99 and shelved in ’05 was 975,000 words. I carry it with me only when there’s a semi available to haul it. For years it was the book Godzilla preferred to read, for it was its own monster. There were a couple of other scrapped novels during the same period, one about 120,000 words and the other about 150,000. I project the online story will finish at 60-65,000 words. My WIP is about 135,000 words now, but will shrink a bit. I’m also assembling a poetry collection that will use approximately 100 of the 450 poems I’ve written. Then there are some short stories…

    So many words and numbers, but it’s interesting to look at them. I dare say that each word changes us a bit and after sharing so many that neither of us are the person we were. Time brings change, of course, but the amount of change that occurs when extracting hundreds of thousands of words is extraordinary.


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