Get Your Snake Oil … Not Here

Every now and again, I write something that turns out to be profound — not in it’s quality, but in it’s pertinence to my life. “You write because God gave you the words. If you’re doing this for any other reason, then it’s time to stop drinking the Snake Oil, and get your head right.”

I forget this, almost daily. I suppose God (the universe) gave me these words, especially.

This Blog Intentionally Blank

Contrary to popular belief, not all people wanting to connect are desperate. In fact, more than a few are looking for genuine, bilateral relationships. We don’t all have a crippled social skills. Some of us have robust lives, real friends, and successful careers. Our lives and self worth do not turn with the numbers of “likes” we get on posts. Therefore, if what we put out there is not your cup of tea, you should feel no guilt in ignoring it. I promise you I won’t like yours if I’m not feeling it.

So, it is with no trepidation at all that I turn once again to the Snake Oil salesmen of the interwebs, bloggers. No, not you, the other guy. The bloggers I’m talking about have already stopped reading, because only a few words shows up in their reader after they pop in their search terms, and “like” 115,000…

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3 thoughts on “Get Your Snake Oil … Not Here

  1. You closed the comments on the original, so . . .

    DON’T go to my blog; you will not like it. Nothing short there and if I post a photo I usually post 40 more. Plus, I’m not much into poetry (not at all, actually).

    And I get the deal with the reader. I’ll have a comment saying “I really like the photo”, and I reply “which one?” . . . they don’t usually answer.

    Also, I rather the only people who follow my blogs are doing so because they commit to reading the posts. If they can’t do that, I rather they stay away. Nothing grates on me than having a lot of followers, and the same 15 followers visit each day.

    I mean, I like my visitors, but why the hell did the other people follow me in the first place?

    Anyway, I’m only going to follow one of your blogs (I’m reaching the point where reading all the blogs I follow takes a lot of time I could be using to write or eat Nutella sandwiches.)


    • I will definitely stop at your blog (when I’m home and have time to read it). I don’t mind long posts at all. I just got pissed when I wrote this because people were clicking like on a photo just because it was easy.

      When they say “I like the photo,” I’ve found it means they commented from WordPress’s Reader and only saw the photo that showed up there. I’ve really cut down on the blogs I read. It’s down to the few people who’s work I like and vice versa. 🙂


    • I noticed you subscribed . . . this is what I tell everyone; don’t feel you need to subscribe just because I subscribed to your blog. My actions are for my own benefit, and if I get tired, busy, or something changes that causes me to stop reading, I will unsubscribe without a second thought.

      I expect no less from others. That said, if you truly found something of interest in what I do, thanks.


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