longer the way

though long is the way
she never forget, never forget, never forget
she never forget

stories of ancestors
heat of her tears,
unrequited anger appears
impenitent ruin
negligence sears
grandmother cries, but never
you fear,

(along the way, the longa the way, you stronger today)

i once heard her say

(she never forget, never forget, never forget
she never forget)

the sun awoke
stormclouds spoke, western smoke,
eastern clouds
the bear her strength and
eagle hope and, and,
she never forget, never forget, never forget
she never forget

along-a the way
grandmother, she
grand her survival,
mother to we
bent, unbowed and
ever she free

eagle eyes spoken
spirit unbroken,

she danced the dances,
sang the old songs
along-a the way,
long is the way,

long is the way

tongue remembered
teach the children
spring for us
for them December

(long is the way, long is the way, along-a the way)
what must not be forgotten
(remember, she say)
strong mother, she
(along-a the way, longer the way, greater the day)

along the way
she never forgot
songs without end

(long is the way, long is the way, along-a the way)

tears are but raindrops
sowing our seeds

(stolen they say, long is the way, now is the day)

and grandmother’s gone
windsongs they hum
wolfsongs join in
long is the way,
hers is the day
tomorrow’s today
and grandmother’s gone
but she’s not forgotten

along this way.


5 thoughts on “longer the way

    • I’m glad you like it. I posted it to this blog because I wasn’t sure it hit the mark. This has been in my “working” folder for a couple of years, actually. It was close, but there was something missing. Then, I was listening to this song, not planning on writing, and it reminded me of the poem. I pretty much rewrote the whole thing with this pulsing rhythm in mind.

      I posted the video so no one would think I was more original than I am.


      • Everything you do is original. Using other people’s work via the video in this instance just enhances your work. As an artist it should never concern you whether your work hits the mark. It is what it is, and people have a choice to either appreciate it or not, but the ones who do will read your intent, see your vision, hear and feel your rhythms, and understand the talent it takes to be you. That’s all. 🙂


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