A Brief History of Genocide

Warning: This is not a post to read if you don’t want to know about Man’s inhumanity to man. I wrote the first draft this post back in 2007, in response to some bloggers’ voiced perceptions that there is a face of inhumanity, that particular groups of people have been humanity’s victims or demons. Let me be clear: we have all been each of them. Perhaps if we continue keeping records like this, we won’t be able to forget our past horrors, and we will be able to stop them.

Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge

The history of the world is peppered with genocide, the likes of which you wouldn’t believe. A few, a very few are listed below. Please note that none of these are taught in schools except those that happened once film records exist. There is a reason for that. In the past, the records were destroyed, and textbooks changed.

The murderers in our world have been European, African, Asian, Native, Human. Most of the dead paid the ultimate price because of ethnic or religious hatreds that wouldn’t die. My people, the African people, suffered arguably the largest losses in recent memory, but with a substantial portion of the blood on its own hands. Continuing to blame, to hate, to weep – I understand. But, my chillun, to what end? When does each of us cease to be victims? The answer is simple: when we understand there is no need for competition of resources; when we evolve to be as civilized as the Bonobo instead of remaining like the chimp. When we acknowledge that the most brutal race of all happens to be whoever is in power. When we understand that none of this can happen without, at a minimum, contributory negligence.

We are no longer others’ to victimize. So do we hate, do we rant, do we bemoan our lot? Or do we grow, and build and love? The choice is yours. None of the people who committed these atrocities learned that lesson. I hope some of you can.

This is not a comprehensive list. I did not include references because I don’t intend for this to become a research document. Instead, it is meant to promote thought. May you have peace. May you know only love. May your grandchildren believe these stories to be tales of bogeymen, of lies no one would believe.

If you have a tender heart, I bid you read no further.

“Proof of Armenian Genocide” Source: Tundra Tabloids

  1. Great North American Holocaust – Numbers do not exist. Simply put, they are in the tens of millions or more, and estimates are as high as 90% of the population. As an example: Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) 1493 – 1500 Taino population (in Caribbean) was decimated. About 5,000,000 of 8,000,000 were killed due to slavery and systematic genocide. By 1500, some 7,900,000 of 8,000,000 were murdered. That’s 99% of the population. After he left, policies continued, and only 200 were alive in 1542. These policies were also mirrored by the British, the French, Pilgrims, etc. Reasons for Holocaust: Economic, Ethnic Hatred. “They have land. We want land.” Murdering Race – Largely, but not entirely, European. (A note here: I’ve included this to show that no group of people has a monopoly on being executioners or victims of holocausts.) Some further examples:
    1. Pequot – May 26, 1637 – some 800 men, women and children murdered.
    2. Biological Warfare – 1763- British commander-in-chief ordered “You will do well to [infect] the Indians by means of blankets as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race.” It worked. 100,000 died. This worked all over the eastern US. Ever wonder why there are Native American place names, but no Native Americans? Reason for Holocaust: Ethnic Hatred, competition from resources.
    3. Wounded Knee – 18 Medals of Honor were awarded to soldiers for bravely murdering 350 unarmed men, women, and children, who were under a white flag of truce. Reason for Holocaust: Ethnic Hatred, competition for resources.
  2. African Holocaust – approximately 1500-1860 – initiated by the Portuguese with the destruction of the trade routes that existed between eastern Africa and the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. Africans were rounded up, usually through raids by African tribal leaders such as the Ashanti. Prisoners were generally turned over to European slavers for deportation throughout the New World. Death came through tribal raids, through starvation of refuged people, through murder, accidental death and disease on the passage to the new world, and during slavery itself (from overwork, disease, cruelty, and malnutrition.) Estimates of the dead are conservatively listed as 25 million. However, a more common figure puts the total at more than 40 million, with estimates as high as 100 million. Estimates were revised downward during the 1800s as was the cultural position of the African people in order to minimize the extent of the holocaust and to justify the increased harshness of slavery after the 1931 Nat Turner Revolt. Reason for Holocaust: Economic(Capitalism)/Slavery. Murdering Races – European, African, Asian
    1. The above includes King Leopold II of Belgium‘s Congo holocaust, in which he killed 10 Millions Africans. Reason? They was home.
  3. Ireland – between 1640 and 1660, Oliver Cromwell, under the auspices of the English Protestant government, waged a campaign against Irish Catholics, killing nearly 40 percent of the population. Reason for Holocaust: Religious Hatred, because the Bible says, “Thou Shalt Only Kill Catholics” Murdering Race – European (Protestants)
  4. Ethnic Cleansing Fucking Murder of Circassians – From 1864 to the 1870s, Russians expelled Muslim Circassians from their homeland in the northern Caucasus. They were to be picked up by waiting ships belonging to the Ottoman Empire. In the resettlement process, however, due to negligence and outright murder, hundreds of thousands, perhaps as many as one million died. Some of the Circassians who survived resettled in Turkey, becoming part of the Young Turks who then killed Christian Armenians in the next genocide. Yay, for family heritages and full fucking circles. Reason for Holocaust: Religious/Ethnic Hatred, removal of politically dangerous elements Murdering Race – Euro-Asian
  5. Armenian Genocide – carried out by the “Young Turk” government of the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1918. One and a half million Armenians were killed, out of a total of two million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. (That is 75% of the Population.) During forced marches through the desert without food or water, Turks were allowed to rob, rape, or kill any Armenians they wanted to. The slaughter began on April 24, 1915, when 5,600 Armenian thinkers, leaders, and the poor were butchered. The Turkish government has denied this happened. Reason for Holocaust: Religious/Ethnic Hatred Murdering Race – Euro-Asian
  6. Don Cossacks – Don Cossacks are thought to be descendants of Slavic people who came from the western part of the North Caucasus (as did the Circassians). Between 1919 and 1920, as the Cossack homelands were quite fertile, and Russia has always had trouble feeding its people, the Bolsheviks stole their land (see Native Americans), killing or deporting between 300,000 and 500,000 of the 1.5 million Cossacks. By 1941, half had been killed or deported. According to Russia, as according to the Turks with their holocaust, and the later Pakistanis with theirs, this never happened. Reason for Holocaust: Ethnic hatred, desire for land. Murdering Race – Bolsheviks
  7. Ukraine – Stalin’s Forced Famine: 1932-1933 – 7,000,000 deaths. Stalin starved the Ukrainian people to death to maintain control. Things are Much Better Now. Reason for Holocaust: Maintenance of Power. Murdering Race – European
  8. China – Rape of Nanking – 1937-1938 – 300,000 deaths of Chinese by Japanese. This represented about 50% of the population available to be murdered. After killing all 90,000 POWs, the soldiers turned their attention to the women of Nanking and an outright animalistic hunt ensued. Old women over the age of 70 as well as little girls under the age of 8 were dragged off to be sexually abused. More than 20,000 females (with some estimates as high as 80,000) were gang-raped by Japanese soldiers, then stabbed to death. Pregnant women were raped, and the fetuses torn out. Family members were forced to rape each other for sport. Similar acts existed in almost every holocaust on this list. Reason for Holocaust: They were home. Murdering Race – Asian
  9. Jewish Holocaust – Poland, Ukraine, Germany, etc. – 1938-1941 – carried out by Nazi Germany. Approximately 5.9 million men, women, and children of the Jewish faith and ethnicity were killed. This was between 67% and 80% of the population. Neo-Nazis have attempted to deny this, but cannot as a permanent record of the atrocity exists. This was not the 1st Jewish Holocaust. The Romans killed around 1,000,000 Jews in 70 A.D. In 1096, The Crusaders killed 12,000 Jews in the Rhine Valley. In 1099 all the Jews in Jerusalem were sent to a synagogue, which was then set on fire. Reason for Holocaust: Religious/Ethnic Hatred, Jealousy of Economic Successes, Need for a Scapegoat. Murdering Race – European. Do you understand why Jewish people won’t forget their Holocaust now?
  10. All of the Other Nazi Holocausts – Poland, Ukraine, Germany, etc. – 1938-1941 – carried out by Nazi Germany. Adolph Shitler’s Nazis weren’t trying to eliminate the Jews. They were trying to eliminate everyone who was physically imperfect, mentally unsound, sexually “inappropriate,” and ethnically non-Aryan. Some 1.5 million Romani, 2 million Poles, and between 8 and 21 million Soviets died at the hand of the Nazis. When Shitler’s bumbling, arrogant insanity at the D-Day invasion cost the Snotzis the war, the Eastern European countries targeted during the war reciprocated, expelling millions of Ethnic Germans from their homes, with Stalin enlisting up to 2 million as slave labor and more than 500,000 murdered or raped to death. Reason for Holocaust: Ethnic Hatred, Political expediency in reducing opposition.
  11. Operation Searchlight – Western Pakistan (now the only Pakistan) needed to crush the nationalist movement of those horrible Eastern Pakistanis (now Bangladesh). The brilliant Stalinesque plan was to kill a few million to bring the masses under control. Instead, it lit a fervor under the nationalist movement, which ultimately led to independence. Now the Western Pakistanis were too civilized to murder women like they were murdering young men, so instead, they raped or forced into sex slavery, at least 200,000 females as young as 13. Pakistan lists the death toll as 26,000, but most historians put the figure nearer to 1.5 million. Hindus were particularly targeted, to reduce the “Indian influence.” Reason for Holocaust: Suppression of political opposition Murdering Race – Pakistanis, with funding from every other ethnic group. Yay for world unity.
  12. Pol Pot in Cambodia – 1975-1979 – 2,000,000 deaths from starvation, overwork, and murder (much like a great deal of the African Holocaust). We learn our lessons well, do we not? This is about 25% of the population. This was enabled, in part, by U.S. ouster of Prince Sihanouk. Pot was trying to imitate the “Great Cultural Revolution.” Reason for Holocaust: Economic (Socialism)/Slavery. Murdering Race – Asian
  13. Bosnia-Herzegovina – 1992-1995 – 200,000 deaths of Muslims by Serbs (Orthodox Christians). The dispute that caused this went by decades or more. Reason for Holocaust: Religious/Ethnic Hatred. Murdering Race – European
  14. Rwanda – 1994 – 800,000 deaths in around 100 days. That’s 8,000 a day, and approximately 11% of the total population. Ethnic Tutsis were killed by Hutus as revenge for perceived discrimination during Belgium colonial rule. The Tutsis were the Haves. The Hutus were the Have-nots. Do I need to spell it out further? Reason for Holocaust: Ethnic Hatred. Murdering Race – African.
  15. Sierra Leone – 1992 – ? Men, women, and children were murdered, maimed, and raped. Number dead – about 50,000 with another 100,000 wounded. Reason for Holocaust: Economic (Diamonds are Forever). Murdering Race – African.
  16. Darfur – This is the saddest one on the list for me, because it was added after I wrote this post. The 1st (known) genocide in the 21st century. It began in 2003. According to World Without Genocide, it has been “carried out by a group of government-armed and funded Arab militias known as the Janjaweed (which loosely translates to ‘devils on horseback’). The Janjaweed systematically destroy Darfurians by burning villages, looting economic resources, polluting water sources, and murdering, raping, and torturing civilians.” Some 480,000 have been killed with 2.8 million displaced. Reason for Holocaust: Competition for scarce resources (see Chimp vs. Bonobo), Muslim/Non-Muslim hatred . Murdering Race – African, Arab, and all the rest of us for not doing a Goddamned Thing.

You’re welcome.

Nanking Massacre

Nanking Massacre. Look, Ma, no humanity.

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