To Jette or not to Jette?

Jette (Harlow)

Starring in the role of Juliette “Jette” d’Arc Dubois, sister of leading lady Jeanne Camille Dark, will be Ms. Jean Harlow, nee Harlean Harlow Carpenter (1911 – 1937). She was not originally whom I had in mind for the role, but The Voices were quite insistent and excited when I consented. Apparently Ms. Harlow was quite a favorite of The Voices in their day. Since she was born in the same month as my late grandfather, perhaps there is something of a vague connection. I was paging through photos of women named “Jette” on instinct, impulse, or direction, and almost ready to give up, I suddenly heard, “She’s coming soon!” When I stumbled across Ms. Harlow, right at the end, The Voices said, “There she is.”

To which I responded, “Oh no she is not. I am not putting Jean Harlow in my book.” Well, The Voices sometimes need to be rewarded for their gifts, do they not? Here is a video I found as a special treat. I think I spoil them. I’m certain I felt one tear up.

Anyway, we shall see how Ms. Harlow progresses in the role. I am certain that Foss will like her much more than Louis B. Mayer did. He’s not William Powell, but one can’t have everything, Ms. Harlow.

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