First Draft: Complete

The first draft of Jeanne Dark is in the books. Now to take a month off to experience life again. After that, I’m on holiday for 2 weeks. Hopefully, my life will clear up by then and I can focus on joy and publication.

Woo Hoo. This isn’t my best book, but it was the biggest struggle. I’m glad it’s done.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.57.37 PM

10 thoughts on “First Draft: Complete

  1. Well done baby, I’m proud of you for finishing it, as I know how difficult it has been at times. Your spread-sheet is very efficient-looking. Holiday next 😉


    • Thanks, sweetie. Actually, the spreadsheet is really mostly a motivation device, and a way to satisfy my curiosity. Since I like numbers, it helps me to see the word count add up. At this stage, I can also do a decent job of guessing how many words it’ll take things, so I had a rough estimate of how long the book was running.

      It actually came in under, which is good. Interestingly, I think the 1st part is more lyrical, which you can see because the word count is higher. Now I’ll have to decide whether to make the whole book lyrical, or strip the 1st part down. It’ll come down to whether I think the story can be emotional enough to warrant it.

      Next, ¡Viva España!


      • I wasn’t mocking your process honey, I think it’s a good thing to do, crunch the numbers, particularly on bigger writing projects like a novel. A certain amount of management and word wrangling is necessary so that it presents as a well balanced piece. We have innate pattern detection capabilities within us as humans, so the numbers make perfect sense.
        It’s going to be interesting to read the book as a whole piece, and not piecemeal as I have so far.

        And yes: Venid!


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