Roll, Jordan Roll

For those of you who love great music (irrespective of your religious beliefs) here’s a little old-time gospel that I thought you’d find uplifting for a Friday. The song’s entitled “Roll, Jordan, Roll” (read, Jerden). The first part is sung by the Nashville Bluegrass Band, and then they are joined in by the Fairfield Four, led by  basso profondo Isaac “Dickie” Freeman. You’ll know Dickie as soon as he starts singing.

The first clip is the digital version of the recording, for Fairfield Four’s (there are 5 of them) CD. The second is the live performance, so you can see what they look like. There is quite of bit of tape hiss in the second, so maybe you want to play the sound on the first and just watch them sing in pantomime.

5 thoughts on “Roll, Jordan Roll

  1. Beautiful harmonies, but I think I might have had an accident in the downstairs department when Dickie started singing…


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