Don’t Give Up.

This was an ordinary day, at an ordinary time, in an ordinary place.

There once was a man, who needed to reach the sea. For years, he’d been tormented by the People. They bullied him in school; they never understood when he spoke, for he wasn’t from wherever it was he’d drifted to when he found the People. So, on an ordinary day, one full of ordinary heartache, he decided that he must leave. He had naught but a Very Small Boat, made from the old tyre of an enormous tractor. To reach the sea, and freedom, he had to cross miles of scorched earth, with nothing to protect him from the sun. He had no shoes, no shirt, no hope.

But he did have his boat.

My beautiful picture

After pondering his predicament, he decided that the boat would make a Very Nice Hat. So he wore the boat, reaching the sea with his skin intact. In fact, having reached the shores, the People were so enamored with his Very Nice Hat, the man decided he no longer needed the ocean, or escape. Freedom, it seemed, was always his to be found. He decided to stay, him and his Very Nice Hat, and even met an Odd Girl who fit very nicely into the small, shirt pocket of his life. They didn’t live happily ever after, but for the most part they did, and that was good enough.

The world will dance, but only if you persist, and remember to ask it nicely.

To Do: “Tomorrow, I shall ask the world to dance.”

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