12 thoughts on “How to Connect

  1. If only it were that much of a conscious decision. Connections work in mysterious ways. There will always be things you never quite factored into your estimations, like the impossible similarities that two people from two continents, from two very different backgrounds can have. From Hampton to Hampton.


    • I was thinking more tangibly than that, like those times when your friend or partner has drifted off and you want to reconnect. We tend to overthink things wondering what they’re thinking or why it happened. Sometimes you just have to reach out.

      But you’re right. Making those initial connections is an act beyond Man, I think. With 7 billion people in the world, how on earth do you meet the “right one?” It seems impossible, until it happens.


        • I think there are plenty of accidents. But the “Plan” changes with each one, such that we can’t know the difference. Possibilities are endless and which one becomes actualized is random. But is it an accident? Did the last 2 planet-wide extinctions from gamma radiation and/or comets happen by chance? Probably, but now it seems like Man’s Destiny. I think we’ll never be able to understand the difference between the two.


          • It seems then, that either version of events is plausible, as ever proving or disproving either is an unrealistic possibility within the confines of the human experience. So, might as well believe whatever model works best for us right.


          • I don’t fully believe that things are so random, so I’m not discounting what you are saying. Although I do agree that with the almost infinite seeming possibilities available to the permutation of human experience, that things may indeed appear to exhibit randomness, unless of course you can make and see those connections.


            • With (as I believe) is a multiverse of almost infinite universes, it’s even possible that for each possibility, all outcomes happen in a timeline, and we are only aware of the one we “chose.” There is the other possibility that we are unique, and no other outcomes ever happen. The beauty of the puzzle is that it is unsolvable, and yet most believe they know the answer to it.


              • That was my point, given that nobody really does know the answer, you may as well believe what works for you, until it doesn’t.


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