100 Days of Art – Day 4: Museum

National Gallery of Art, West Building, Washington, D.C.


1-DSCF3745Detail of “Saint Sebastian” by Tanzio da Varallo

1-DSCF3750-001“Lady Photographer Leaning back at the National Gallery West”


“Two Creepy-ass Children”

1-DSCF3789 No, actually it’s “A Prince of Saxony” and “A Princess of Saxony” by Lucas Cranach the Elder

but they still creepy-ass kids.

1-DSCF3764“The Square of Saint Mark’s, Venice” by Caneletto

1-DSCF3826“Gateway to Heaven”


1-DSCF3799“Women Boring Prince Edward VI”

1-DSCF3803“Edward VI as a Child” by Hans Holbein the Younger

1-DSCF3901Detail of “Ill Matched Lovers” by Quentin Massys

1-DSCF3818“A Bishop Saint (Burchard of Würzburg?) by Tilman Riemenschneider

1-DSCF3886This is either entitled “Fuck You Lookin’ At?” or “Madonna and Child” by Jan Gossaert

I take bad notes


1-DSCF3898“Portrait of A Merchant” by Jan Gossaert


Excedrin Headache #76 The Age of Bronze” by Auguste Rodin

1-DSCF3957“Guard and Foot”


Usain Bolt Actaeon” by Paul Manship

1-DC 10-5-08 130a
Sup Ma’ Nig… Unknown” by Artist Unknown

1-Carla Visit 196

“The Reading Girl” by Pietro Magni

1-DC 10-5-08 101

Young Oprah Winfrey La Mousmé” by Vincent Van Gogh

1-DC 10-5-08 125a“Gratuitious Nudity”

1-DSCF3982“Is It Over Yet?”

1-DSCF3983“This is some bullshi…”

Um, I guess they’re getting restless. Night.

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