100 Days of Art -Day 6: Lágrimas y Risas



10499563_10152221661681396_8493057409199365760_o teardrops from a blind eye

winter awoke to the sounds of shrill crying
and decided not to leave

a child with familiar hunger
mouth searching for a withered breast
spouting mother’s milk long-since soured
and turned to powder
teardrops that stream from a blind eye
form miniature waterfalls
roar over brown cheeks
dash below against the cliffs
of a hungry belly

sounds of a soothing voice
softly speaking words not understood
blind eyes that search the dark air
for sounds and smells of a gray life
and relief from searing white-hot hunger

teardrops that stream from a blind eye
form a soft gray cloud
over a sightless world
condensing like rain over a dark sea
a lone faceless voice
cries from above in matching pain
from a mother’s eyes

that pray for blindness



My beautiful picture


the smooth cowhide
stirring both the air
and something long-suppressed
within me.




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