cropped-dream1-001I’ve been blogging a great deal, in my mind, sometimes sharing them with my wife, but almost never putting them on any of my 5 or 6 blogs. The reason is simple. Very few people read my blogs and almost none of the people who click “like” actually stop by. I could analyze why but 1) I don’t really give a damn and 2) I know why. People don’t read me because I don’t read them. The funny, curious thing is that I actually do read others’ blogs. But I’m  tired of the quid pro quo of artisans. (Notice I didn’t say artists.) I started a pretty cool series called 100 Days of Art, and killed it at day 36 because people don’t give a damn. Well, with the exception of one of the artists I featured, Bobby McFerrin, and about 5,000 of his closest friends.

We in the blogjammed world have lost perspective, I think. The reason for sharing one’s thoughts shouldn’t be to get others to hear your thoughts. It should be to create a dialog, some sort of interchange. I loved that Maria (my other) and I share our ideas, sometimes disagreeing so emphatically that we think we’re mad for at each other. It’s not who’s right that matters, it’s that we trigger in each other ideas that broaden us both. That’s what I’d hoped to share on this blog. However, there are a million blogs, and almost as many bloggers, each trying to shout above each other.

I’m reminded of cafeterias–loud, brash spaces where the sound bounces off cold ceilings and unadorned walls to create a cacophony those of us who whisper can’t shout down. Often, as the din rises, I wonder why everyone continues to speak louder and louder, even though it’s not effective. In fact, the only way everyone can be heard is if everyone whispers. Think I’m wrong? Consider libraries–there’s a reason you can speak quietly to your companion there. No one’s shouting.

Maybe blogs should be that way, I’ve been thinking. I’ve stopped promoting my work. I’ve pulled all my books off the shelf. I’m filling my photo portfolio website with tons of shots, but I don’t point to them or it. And I visit blogs in my (very) limited time but usually don’t even let you know I’ve stopped by. People will find me or they won’t. Doesn’t matter.

I’ve cleared up the blogjam in my head anyway.

9 thoughts on “Blogjam

  1. So happy to gave found yr blog …. It was jimi that brought me here …. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that clip of him … And Billie abt the tree and it’s strange fruit of bodies hangin wow!!!! Thanku for a lot of good teading … And I can’t forget Coltrane … Can I say wow … So I’m gonna visit and listen to some classics and read a good read … Take care … Miss pie


  2. It’s a pain, alright . . . I dislike “like” and had removed it from by posts, but some readers (actual readers) wanted it back because sometimes they had nothing to say. I trust them to have read whatever they “liked”.

    . . . everyone else? Not so much.

    Know this; if I like one of your posts, I will have read it. I usually try to comment, as well, but I agree with my readers . . . I don’t always have something to say


    • I appreciate that. I’ve come to terms with this since then. What I realized is that about 90% of the followers never looked at my blog in the first place. They followed just to get me to look at their blogs. So now I ignore them unless they interaction in some way. I also felt like a hypocrite because I don’t have much to say a lot of times (at least immediately) except, “I liked that.”

      I’ve figured out who just likes stuff without reading. Now I just ignore them. They seem to almost have an “autolike” device. I swear they’ll hit like before I can even see the post myself.


    • That has been a pet peeve of mine on many a posts about blogging.

      It’s especially frustrating when I know it takes me 10+ minutes to re-read my own post and I get a “like” in less than a minute after I post it.

      But, that’s how it is. We do what we do for ourselves and a very small number of others.


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