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I definitely wasn’t Hendrix in a past life, but good to know I’m still “out there” when it comes to evaluations. The downside of taking risks in art is that you fail more than you succeed. The upside (and occasionally the downside) is that when you look around the herd is nowhere near. Woe betide however, those of us without the gifts that a lead dog needs. It gets lonely, with little result at the end of the run.

3 thoughts on “Nah

  1. That’s why for the most part it helps to be in love with your own art and not give a shit what others think. I guess Hendrix had some of that from what you’ve told me. The isolation sets in when as an artist you set yourself apart from others because you believe that no-one will ever truly get you. That isn’t always true though, there is always somebody out there who gets you. It’s unrealistic to expect mass support for something that is unique to few. I know from being a lifelong artist myself, that my desire and drive to be noticed by others, through my artistic self-expression is about meeting an internal desire to be appreciated and nurtured. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with what other people think. I happen to believe that it’s a personal recognition that there is something greater than just the mundane nuts and bolts of daily reality, and that the isolation of the self is an erroneous concept.
    I also happen to believe that those who are highly gifted in their respective areas, are conduits for other things, they are natural teachers and leaders if you will, not always in the spotlight, but having a strong influence nevertheless. They are supposed to break the boundaries of the separation and isolation that many of us feel. These people stand out for good reason. They shine a different kind of brightness than others, and help lead or point the way, often to great change, even if in the process they self-destruct. We all love a martyr, right? But that they affect change there is no doubt.
    These people stand on the threshold of new experiences. Art then, becomes a purpose instead of being just an expression of egotism, even if the artist is not fully aware of it.
    As an artist I find that I compelled to express myself in the way that I do. It is an instinctive compulsion, and I don’t always understand the full implications of my choices, however, I do understand that there is a greater purpose to it. Idealistic maybe, but we artists are idealists, and it’s those ideals that inevitably drive change in positive directions.


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