My Worldwide Minute #MyWWM

Today on Earth, Art

13 December 2014, Washington, D.C. — 09:19 a.m.

I’m on my way into the city’s core, to take one shot that represents the part of the city I love the best. Sadly, I haven’t decided what precisely that is. It’s 57 minutes before time to snap my photo.

A man climbs aboard the Red Line train. I’m daydreaming and don’t even know which stop we’re on. His sign reads, “Eric Garner Rest in the Peace We Denied You on the Streets.”  He’s going to a protest, another set of voices who can’t breathe in the face of abuse of police power, of racial profiling, of civil distrust and unrest.


I briefly consider following him, but decide against it. There is little time, and odds are the protest won’t begin before I’m headed back home. Later, I find I was right. We see lots of protests here in the nation’s capital…

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3 thoughts on “My Worldwide Minute #MyWWM

  1. why is it that, so often, I read what you write or see what you see and miss you so awfully. As though sometimes, across comets worthy of lives, there was a time that I knew you. That we ran together as children. That we saw the same skies. I write this hoping you and your wife will not misconstrue what I am saying. But I miss you. c


    • I think we both understand what you are saying. In fact, it spurred quite an interesting conversation. Sometimes, you meet someone and think, “We’ve been this way before. I knew you when.” Even more rarely, if you are the odd artistic duck, born with pen in hand or colours that sing, you meet another of your species. It’s hard to explain to others, being different. But when you meet one of your own …

      Suffice it to say I miss you too. Hell, most of the time, I even miss myself a little and wonder where I’ve gone. Glad Maria is teaching me to keep the few with me when I disappear.


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