Never a Right Time.

Bill and Maria discuss Prejudice

Because I am a straight talking kind of a Chickie, I like to say things as I see them, which is quite apt considering the subject I am about to rant about. Actually I wrote the following as a response to a friend’s blog post about racism, a never ending well-spring of refreshingly good venting material that unfortunately I do not believe will ever die until hell freezes over. The response as posted here is slightly edited just so that it maintains an independent context, and surmises that: as long as there are humans, there will be prejudicial preference. My response to said friend’s blog post was triggered by an article that he had cited, which can be found here should you be interested. No longer current news, but still ever so relevant. Furthermore, should you be interested in reading said friend’s original post, I’m sure he will be more than happy for you to click here

Anyway, this is where I stand on the heady subject of racism, and I rant with confidence as I am multiracial myself, not to mention female, and have been at the shitty end of the prejudicial stick more times than I care to think of in my life. Even so, my stance remains an academically pragmatic one:

Prejudice exists. It is hard-wired into our DNA. Where there is exclusivity, there is prejudice. And as we are all individuals in the eyes of science and the law, then that says there are differences between you and me, and the person next door. The fact that someone can identify themselves as being different from me is an exhibition of prejudice, and should they choose to get their point across by clobbering me over the head with a heavy object, that too is merely a varying degree of the same prejudice.
Loving everybody equally is an unreasonable request that does not foster innovation. You need a bit of fire in your belly to give you the drive to pursue new possibilities and vistas. So, love and respect just have to be earned, but being the individual human that I am, I am capable of recognising distinguishing qualities in another if I like what I see, and if that someone can demonstrate an nth of compassion towards me. I will still however, see myself as separate and different from them.
These media types and politicians need to stop thinking in terms of democracy, equality, and universal love, because they are kidding themselves and the mass populace. It’s a crock of shite. A myth, that will never be substantiated by humanity because it goes against the grain. It’s an oxymoron. And the people who propound such notions of democracy and equality are just morons. You see, not even humour works without prejudice. It’s the key ingredient.

Feel free to add your two-penneth’s worth.

5 thoughts on “Never a Right Time.

  1. Love them spooks~!
    And your cartoon.
    And your style … enough—on with the show:

    Your dit reminds me obliquely of a cartoon I saw in a magazine years ago: picture if you will, a just-landed UFO (classic flying saucer) with an open hatch and a stairway coming down to the ground. On the stairs, the upper very alien alien (but still recognisably semi-humanish) simply beams a wide smile; closer to the ground and addressing the gathering crowd of gawping people—

    “We, from the Intergalactic Confederation Of All Bipeds, invite you of Earth to put away your silly inter-racial and inter-religionist and international prejudices to become as We.
    And when you are united into a single brotherhood of all humans we shall return, and invite you to join our Confederation—and help us to wipe out all the damned tri-pedal Betelgeuseians!”?

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  2. Not being terribly familiar with New Zealand society, and having graduated from the school of southern American hatred to the new let’s-all-hug-it-out world of pretending we like one another, I find the article … quaint. It is as if the Uni has just discovered — not love — but the idea that someone can stand up and say, “Hey, that kind of sucks a bit.”

    I guess I’m used to the American way, which is to shout it out, if not pull a gun until the other guy listens. That aside, I have to agree with you. The whole idea of grabbing and Coke and teaching the world to sing ignores the fact that “prejudice” is a basic survival trait. The only ape species that doesn’t practice it is the Bonobo, and we all know how that turned out. Perhaps life would be better if we were all shagging each other indiscriminately in the street, but that, according to scientists, requires perfect abundance.

    Instead of pink, feel-good platitudes, perhaps the good professor could spend time helping people to distinguish between traits that should be lauded and those that should not. Ah, but then, who gets to judge those? Bottom line? How about liking those who are in favor of your goals and (wisely) opposing those who oppose you.

    I’m quite sure my French ancestors would have been horrified by my Togolese ancestors (and verse vica), but then again, someone overcame their prejudices long enough to make for caramel skin color. Time and exposure are the teachers, certainly. But none of that shit matters as long as those who have keep the good stuff from those who don’t. That is the root of prejudice, simple survival and greed.

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