Track A (History of Street Photography), Part 2 Links

See Track A, Part 1 here:

Track A (History of Street Photography) Part 2 Links

I wish I could give you the name of a book that laid out all of these photographers in order, but I can’t. The first link may be such a source, but honestly, I haven’t read it. However, here are some links that may be of help to get you started in your own research.

You can find a link to the posts already written to date on The Art of Street Photography page in the header above.

4 thoughts on “Track A (History of Street Photography), Part 2 Links

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  2. This is a really nice resource, and I shall come back and watch your selection, in between writing the next instalments for this series. The first film I think is worth a watch, even if just to get a different perspective, perhaps a more ‘traditional’ perspective of what street photography is. Personally, I disagree with a number of things Ms Ralkova said, but then I’m a different kind of a street photographer, and I make up my own rules.;)


    • Thanks. Truthfully, I haven’t watched all the films, at least not recently. I rarely agree with university-trained photography teachers, most of whom begin the history of street photography in the 1930s, despite the 100 years that preceded it.

      Still, as you said, you have to understand their perspective. The problem, I think, is that they try to usurp the term “street” for the narrow sub-genre that is more aptly titled “urban candid.”


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