International Womens’ Day: “All I Do”

Today’s Musical Minute: Did you know that “All I Do,” written and popularized by Stevie Wonder was originally recorded by the late, great Tammi Terrell?

In 1966, then-sixteen year old Stevie helped write the song, and Tammi recorded it. Berry Gordy wanted Diana Ross and the Supremes to record the song, but Stevie wanted Tammi. Since Gordy didn’t get his way, he shelved the song. After Tammi died on 16 March 1970 of a brain tumor, Stevie pulled out his old song and recorded it himself.

Now you get to hear both versions.

All I do
is reward the sexually submissive
and propagate servitude
instead of accomplishment.
But my day has passed
and yours is here,
and now we’re singing your songs
though there ain’t no mountain
high enough
to sing our apologetic sorrows

On this day, which we declare

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