The Art and the Artifice of a Borg Culture

BESS' ART JOURNAL: Through the eyes of an artist

Sleeping Coffee Shop Big in this case is definitely beautiful. Best viewed on a screen larger than the size of a postage stamp.

What looks great on a big screen doesn’t necessarily translate so well to the tiny screens that we have become accustomed to in the ever evolving, technology dependent procession of our daily lives. My concern is that this increasing dependency on handheld devices will indefatigably change the nature of art completely.
Photography in particular has become a huge industry. Once the pursuit of specialists and ambitious amateurs, it is now accessible to almost everyone with a portable device. It has reached this zenith of cultural importance and success mainly because unlike it’s classical twin still knee deep in tangible pigment based mediums and physical tools of application, it jumped on the technological bandwagon and became digital, thus feeding the insatiable hunger that we have all been brainwashed into believing we…

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One thought on “The Art and the Artifice of a Borg Culture

  1. Don’t just read the blurb above and disingenuously click “like.” Go to the original post, read it, and join in the discussion. This is on the future of real art. Does it become miniaturized, with only occasional supersizing for a “Big Mac” garish gallery showing, or do we artists turn the tide ourselves? Do we create the digital places, keep them off phone apps, and ensure that the world need not squint to see its own reflection?

    Read on, my lovelies, read on.

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