Days of Art – #48: B.B. King

BB KING photo BBKING.gif

Image linked via Photobucket, uploaded by user pave65

Riley “Blues Boy” King (1925 – 1915). Rest in peace. We know Heaven knows how to sing the Blues.

B.B. King performs at Sing Sing Prison in the video above. He later said he thought this was one of his best performances. The entire performance is available on YouTube if you’re interested. Below, he performs “Sweet Little Angel” live at the Regal. If you want only one B.B. King album, Live at the Regal is the one to buy. If you don’t agree, blame Eric Clapton; it’s his recommendation, not mine.

2 thoughts on “Days of Art – #48: B.B. King

    • I’m trying not to mourn the entire art form now, but it’s hard. There will never be another like him, I fear. I added a song from “Live at the Regal” because I think that was his best.


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