4 thoughts on “568

    • I love that these shots of seemingly nothing are considered some form of art. When I take them, I’m sort of dismissive, but it’s easier to see the value in someone else shots. Maria (nee Bess, nee Ishaiya) tells me it’s time that automagically changes them to art. I can see that in these shots.


      • Maria could be partially right—I think there has to be an ‘X’ factor; and for me that factor is either people caught in the act of being people … or a shot that triggers a ‘people’ response in the perceivers.

        For me, if it gets what I feel from my mind into someone else’s then to me it is art.
        Furthermore: eeek~! (I didn’t mean to be so pretentious.)

        Transference of emotion, perhaps? Hell—any camera can snap a scene. But it’s what the ‘artist’ does with the tools at hand and his/her unique perspective/interpretation that turns a simple record into an artwork.


        • Yes. I always used to say that I took photos of connections people have with each other and the world. But then I thought it made me sound pompous, so I switched to saying I take pictures of nothing. I guess both things are true. However, I respond to photos where I can relate to what the person is doing or feeling. If the people are just mannequins decorating the scene, I think the photo fails.


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