How to Shoot: Part 1- Don’t Plan It, Shoot It.

“It’s the closest I come to not existing, I think. Which is the best … which to me is attractive.” – Garry Winogrand

“I invade their space and try to make something happen with the camera. You do trespass on their space with the camera.” – Mark Cohen

“Basically I’m photographing my own curiosity. What I’m curious about is what I take pictures of, and I don’t know what I curious about until I get a photograph. It teaches me.” – (my dude) Joel Meyerowitz

“Watch what’s happening in any crowd and see if there’s an interaction: a gesture, a hug, a kiss, a goodbye–something that’s a significant gesture that makes it interesting for people to look at in a photograph.”

I decided to start this subset of our Art & History of Street Photography series spontaneously. We’ll call it Street Photography 101, and we’re doing it differently, because, frankly, photography school eats ass. We’ll learn from the best, teach you tricks of the trade, and send you out on the street armed with what you need: a camera, confidence, and your brain. We’ll try to keep these short, and if there’s video, like the ones above, we’ll limit them to a half hour or so.

Now shut up and get out there!

7 thoughts on “How to Shoot: Part 1- Don’t Plan It, Shoot It.

  1. It’s great watching these videos. I like how Winogrand looks like a bumbling idiot futzing around with his camera. Good diversion tactic. How to be invisible indeed!


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