Days of Art – #50: Black Crowes Songs

DC 8-9-08 044This little earworm is brought to you by a discussion between Maria and me wherein I happen to mention that I was going to light a candle. For all those who might have thought “Hard to Handle” is a Black Crowes song, here’s the version I grew up with, the original by Otis Redding. It was written by Redding, Al Bell, and Allen Jones and released in 1968, a year after Redding’s tragic death.

So, tell us in the comments what you think he’s actually singing. There’s still controversy over the lyrics.

7 thoughts on “Days of Art – #50: Black Crowes Songs

  1. That’s the only version I’ve ever heard.

    . . . I seldom listen to words; the voice just blends and becomes part of the music. Whenever I listen to the lyrics, I’m invariably disappointed. As for what he’s singing . . . I read the lyrics, so that’s what I’m primed to hear.

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    • I’m like you. I love a song’s lyrics, but often apart from the song, I just end up thinking, “Well, that was dumb.” I didn’t know there was a Black Crowes version until I read people who thought it was their song.


  2. On listening I know I have heard this version before. I didn’t think I had, but I often surprise even myself with my own musical knowledge. ‘Cos “I’m sho hard to handle now, yes I-r-am.” 😉

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  3. Oh, man–I haven’t heard this version in…a decade at least–but my kids burned my Commitments soundtrack after I forced them to watch that movie, and I hear their cover down the narrow hallway all the time. Not everyone’s kids dig on sixties soul played by an imaginary band from Ireland–I’m lucky indeed.

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