Days of Art – #52: Dee-1


“I said, ‘Homey, that’s my mouth.’ He said, ‘Homey, that’s a pistol.'”

A quick shout in your direction about Dee-1, a young rapper from New Orleans who burst onto the scene with the song “Jay, 50 & Weezy” wherein he called out Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne for their lack of positive influence on young people. “These kids know Jay-Z, Lil Wayne lyrics long before I can get them to learn multiplication.”

Dee-1, born David Augustine, Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana, wrote the song as a middle school teacher as a reaction to what he saw among the youth in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Augustine worked as a teacher for two years before resigning to pursue a rap career full time, one he’d started as a rapper in high school. He released his first album, David & Goliath, in 2009. Dee-1 is known for his positive lyrics, quick flow, and lack of obscenities.

Not one man, no mo’, bruh.

You can find more on his website,


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