Close, Medium, Far

How close should one get for shooting street? Visit our photo blog and discuss.

Today on Earth, Art

1-DSCF8365 How close is close enough? (He never saw me – 1 foot away)

Our recently friend Ark remarked about street photographers’ obsession with getting in close for the shot, and I must admit, it’s a prejudice I don’t buy into either. The truth is, if you’re a lousy photographer, you can stand on the subject’s head and still take a bad photo. I think it’s more important to find your own comfort zone and work from there. I LOVE having a zoom lens for shooting street, although you will lose some sharpness as a trade-off. But if you’re not a brazen Garry Winogrand, popping off a thousand shots in a guy’s face with nary a second thought, you’re likely to get quite a bit intimidated trying to point a big camera up someone’s nose.

Besides, most of us who do that are either 1) jerksexperienced in street shooting…

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