Track A, History of Street Photographers – Where We’re Headed

1-30 Oct 2010 - No 353

Coming Next: Part 10 – The Rule Making Epoch: Faurer to Arbus

We are back, after a 3-month respite, due to the frenetic pace of life and the underwhelming response to Part 9. We intend for this series to appeal to more than those simply looking for interwebs shots from the photographers involved. In fact, all of these biographies are merely precursors to the main body of the series, which will be:

  • regrouping street into sub-classifications that make sense instead of the arbitrary way it’s been done to date;
  • discussing different compositions and artistic technique as applied to photography; and
  • general how-to’s and tips (that may feature guest bloggers).

For those of you who don’t know the authors and custodians of the site, we are a soon-to-be husband and wife team of photographer/artists. Bill has been shooting street in earnest since 1974 and uses the balance of his time to juggle writing stories, novels, and poetry along with a career that brings in actual dinero. Maria is a photographer, artist, musician, writer, singer, etc., etc. If I list all the “ises” she is, I’ll run out of space for the darned post.

I hope you follow the series and tell your fellow shooters to join in. If you have something to contribute beyond the usual “Here’s 500 words regarding why I hate whatever you just wrote about” feel free to comment. If you’re just having a bad day/life and need a place to shit, this ain’t it.

Let me be clear: I’m not trying to turn people off or discourage feedback. We welcome an interactive series and hope to turn this into something of a Street Photography 501 – Master’s Class. That will only happen with people’s interest and interaction. That said, I want it to be clear that as we roll out the series, I’ll be genuinely curating comments. In other words, I am not nice to trolls – here, and especially in real life.

Future Posts:

  • Part 10 – Louis, Faurer, Gordon Parks, Roy DeCarava, and Diane Arbus.
  • Part 11 – Bruce Davidson, Robert Frank, Elliott Erwin
  • Part 12 – The Urban Explosion
  • Part 13 – Eve Arnold, Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Vivian Maier
  • Part 14 – Charles Moore, Costa Manos, William Klein, David Alan Harvey, Josef Koudelka
  • Part 15 – William Eggleston, Daidō Moriyama, Joel Meyerowitz, Tod Papageorge, Alex Webb
  • Chapter Four – Street Redefined – Are there really different schools to street (cityscapes, hardcore street, etc.)? Hint: There will be when we’re done.

5 thoughts on “Track A, History of Street Photographers – Where We’re Headed

  1. Man, do I hate this post! . . . so much so I can’t even express it in a mere 500-words rant.

    Yes, I kid.

    I have been following this series even though the likelihood of me becoming a street photographer is not very high (you have to first be interested in, and like, people). Still, I find the subject interesting.

    . . . and congratulations on the upcoming nuptials. Gonna hire a street photographer for the wedding and reception?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Surprisingly, I don’t think we’ll be hiring a photographer. Maybe we’ll take photos of each other. 🙂

      M and I agree that you don’t have to like people to be a street photographer (I’ve taken some of my best when I was in a people-hating mood) but I agree they have to at least interest you.

      Liked by 1 person

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