3 thoughts on “Days of Art #55: Anais Nin – Why I write

  1. The basic premise she posits is that we as artists are of value to others, but if that is not the case as it often is, then our art means nothing. It serves no purpose. The only thing that must change then is the artist’s attitude to their own work, and to produce their art for no other reason than, they can and do for the sheer pleasure of being able to do so. Being able to do so is an important gestalt in itself. It’s a privilege to be able to be so subjective and creative about and within the world we create and inhabit. That other people notice at all is a wondrous gift. How fortunate was she and so many other artists to have been noticed in such a way.

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  2. I wish i had not been banned from your pages because this is a conversation I would love to join. Delta of Venus was the first of Anais Nin’s words I ever read. I first read her when I was working as an artists model just to pay the bills when I was a solo mother with way too any children and so I empathised with her so strongly. I was paid by the minute. She was paid by the word. Both of us did it for the money. Both of us was naked one way or the other. Anyway.. Love to you both..c

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  3. Hmm . . . there is a tinge of self-aggrandizing there along with a mix of truth.

    I can’t speak for others, but I write for roughly the same reason I read. In part it is what she says; in writing we can create worlds we wish fo. Similarly, the same holds true for reading; we escape to worlds we wish existed.

    However, the greater part of writing, for me, is to entertain, to elicit emotions, to create something that matters to others. It need not be all others or even many others. Greater still is just the satisfaction of creating something new, or at least new to me.

    Ultimately, a cook creates something for the pleasure of few, most painters paint in obscurity, most writers do as well. Blogging is another example. The number of quality blogs out there makes it impossible that they will all get more than moderate recognition, usually by a small dedicated group of followers. But, even if only a few eyes ever land on my blog, I would still put forth the effort for my own satisfaction and entertainment. That others occasionally like what I do is icing on the cake. If anyone ever buys anything I do, that’s gravy on the mashed potatoes.

    So, why do I write? I wrote long before I had any vehicle offering up my writing to others. I did so and do so now because I enjoy writing.

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