Photo Gear of the Day: Osiris & Co.

I’ve always been of the belief that cameras should be strapped to your wrist, not dangling from your neck. That belief was reinforced when I was 19, when a guy tried to snatch my old Minolta and run. It was attached to my wrist, and he left with only a Minolta-sized lump on his forehead. As such, I thought I’d bring to you a link to Osiris & Co, who make, among other things, camera wrist straps “USING MILITARY GRADE PARACORD AND HIGH STRENGTH HARDWARE.” See, it’s in all caps, so that means it’s important. 😉

I haven’t tried the gear at the link below, and I’m certainly not being compensated for it, but I thought this would be a cool thing for you street shooter types to consider. Not sure I’d ever dangle my gear over a cliff to test it, but they’re trying to sell the damn things. 🙂 Check out the gear for yourself. Here’s a link to their gallery where they show photographers imperiling their kit for no reason at all: .



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