Two Seconds Longer_Mono_MPHIX

In this image, devoid of the tonal nuance and range that colour affords, we are directed to the facial features of each subject as the sense of depth is reduced to perspective alone. The image appears more flat, however my objective was to engage the viewer more directly with my two characters and their interrelationship, between them both and with us as the viewer. There is less visual clutter in this version, less to distract the eyes. The image then is reduced to its barest elements, being drawn to their eyes and their direction of vision. It is a stark contrast to the colour version which softens their expressions and expresses more of a sense of realism and familiarity than the simplified, aloof fantasy of this grey-scale version.

This is a rare instance where both versions work well, but for different reasons.

Original image copyright 2015 Maria Jones-Phillips/MPHIX/Bess X Jones

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