Everybody Street

Director Cheryl Dunn was commissioned by the Seaport Museum New York to make a documentary about New York City street photographers. The result was Everybody Street, which was produced by ALLDAYEVERYDAY, and which premiered at the museum in conjunction with the exhibit “Alfred Stieglitz New York” The video was released in segments by The New Yorker magazine.

The work is as uneven as the photographers, as it essentially consists of one to ten minute segments of the shooters talking about their work, and in some cases, being filmed while shooting. It provides an interesting set of perspectives, and Maria and I varied from agreeing with some (Joel Meyerowitz) to being irritated by some shooters’ pretentiousness or adherence to outdated old-school (Analog is Best; Digital is Horrible) values. Still, it’s worth a viewing if only to see how shooters work and how work stands up over time. Some of the photographers (Boogie, Bruce Davidson) learned to work subjects from the inside out, while others have styles that are positively creepy (Bruce Gilden).

You can Google different providers to view it. Rental prices range from $4.99 for Vimeo to $1.99 for YouTube, or even free on Hulu (if you don’t mind viewing commercials.) I give it 6 out of 10 stars, if only because it was cool seeing the actual photographs, which are the real stars of the video. You can find a cast listing and brief bios here:

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