Days of Art #56: Two Street Shooters

This is just a quick pointer and a shout out to 2 street photographers I think you might like, both of whom use artistry and humor to document life.

The is first is Matt Stuart, who has perfected the art of humor in his photography. Matt does commercial work, but it’s his street work — creative and serendipitous that you must see. He captures incredible bits of humor during his travels throughout London and other places. To capture humor, one must first see humor. His work is testament that the photographer’s greatest gift is vision.

Check out Matt’s work at his website, linked above.

Copyright Matt Stuart

Next up is Willem Jonkers, who shoots mostly black and white street photography, most from low angles while using an 8mm fisheye. His work is also humorous, but equally imaginative and artistic. Check out Willem’s work via this 121 Clicks article, or at his website.

Copyright Willem Jonkers


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