Old Camera

Shoot to Kill, Silly Bitches.

Today on Earth, Art

Old Camera_MPHIX

Lest we forget our roots,
Get too big for our boots,
And think, “We’re all that”.
With our little biddy cameras,
Our phones and our gadgets,
Shooting up the streets,
Like a ninja on acid.
Where’d’you get that camera anyway,
Your analogue grandma,
Or the museum of hip?
Your hood round your Mickey Mouse ears,
DJ’d up and neck full of gear.
Man you’re a trip!
You have no idea!

Thinking you’re the next Bresson,
All pirouettes and punches,
And decisive leaps
Into moments uncharted.
Hip like dysplasia
From one click to the next,
Tilted in favour of generation X.
Magnum my arse
Monochrome and monotone,
Tone deaf to a world
Still alive and in colour,
Like your totally vivid granddad,
Who brought life to your mother.
Yeah him, with his big ol’ box,
And his funky glass plates;
His dedication and patience,
And a beard he earned.
Cast-iron nostrils

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