Days of Art – Andre Kertész, Master Photographer.


Of all the photographs I have taken over the years, some of my most prized are the ones that capture moments and details of everyday life that are in their own small, mundane way an intimate self-portrait. A cache of memories with a strong sense of temporality. Photography is my temple, my personal church if you will, as it was for Master photographer Andre Kertesz.

Despite the poor quality of this film, I found listening to Kertesz in his broken German-French-English very moving. A good friend of mine once compared some of my work to that of Kertesz’s and his series of personal ephemera. It was a wonderful compliment, but I didn’t quite understand then how profound that was. Kertesz would have understood why I shoot what I shoot, how the most mundane of things can carry so much meaning, and how fleeting and precious those things really are. Photographers are magicians trying to preserve the impossible.

This 31:45 minute film is worth watching. This is rare footage of one of the early street photographers talking about his craft and his passion. In addition to this film I have also included a gallery of my own treasured photos. I hope you enjoy both.

To read a short biography of Kertesz as written in Bill’s part of our series The History and Art of Street Photography, click here.


5 thoughts on “Days of Art – Andre Kertész, Master Photographer.

  1. Master the mundane? They don’t come no more mundaner than needle and thread—and that shot says it all, a lovely capture. There’s a great depth of meaning in the everyday that most folks just pass by—the Japanese seem to have grasped it (bugger, ol’ Argie is waffling on again …).

    Back to the point: lovely shots~!

    Just this afternoon in Global Bytes (cafe) I snapped some salt and pepper shakers, still haven’t looked to see if I caught what I saw …

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    • Ah! Salt and pepper shakers are a favourite of mine. Those little details are precious because few people notice them, except us maybe! 🙂
      Are you going to post your shots if they come good..?

      Thank you for your kind words, these shots of mine are rather special. I’m trying to collect them all in one place, but that’ll be a job and a half as all my photos are indexed by location…I’ll get there eventually…


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