The Blondes – Series 1

Firewing Photography

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“Two Blondes,” National Mall, Washington, DC, July 2016. As I was essentially shooting blind, going from bright sun into deep shade, the shot turned out greatly underexposed. In shot 1, I used the underexposure to show the deep color and highlights that being over-saturated with black causes. In shots 2 and 3, I played with the Raw file to remove the extra black (#2), and leave some of it in order to achieve a painterly effect (#3) midway between the other two.

In shooting with my Nikon, given the difference in shooting, mainly that it features a bright viewfinder but very limited ability to review shots and make quick corrections, I end up with a series of shots rather than the singles I take with my Fujis. As such, I’ve decided to post the series, and in some cases, like the…

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