Adultland is a short video about what, I’m not quite certain, but I believe it is about taking risks. A man goes out on an unknown adventure, with unforeseen consequences and little reward. What happens next?

Click to find out.

The video was produced as a MA graduation film at the ‘University of the West of England’ from filmmaker Cornelius Joksch.

3 thoughts on “Adultland

  1. I think these short animations tend to be typically quite abstract and obscure. Almost like it was based on a dream the author had. Adds weight to the notion that as viewers at least, we are always eager to find a story in everything, a sense of cohesion and familiarity, and if we don’t then we walk away feeling confused and slightly ambivalent about the experience, despite the tremendous amount of work that probably went into the animation’s creation.

    I like that you’re posting about these art forms. 🙂

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    • That’s an (unsurprisingly) very insightful comment. Even though the filmmaker seemed to write it off as a bad experience in the park, I found myself looking for deeper meaning, which is silly in a 2-minute project.

      Maybe that’s what art is supposed to do: shake the doldrums and point you toward more meaning from life as a whole.

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      • That too is an equally unsurprising but insightful observation on your part, that art is designed to prize us loose from our current rigid perceptions, and thus expand our awareness and comprehension of life. As a catalyst to the endorphin hit, this kind of abstract, ambiguous art performs its purpose well. However, I do believe that a sense of emotional satisfaction is ultimately what makes a piece of art successful, and is what each of us searches for when we engage with and experience works of art. When we don’t find it, we shrug our shoulders and move on, with our interests piqued at the very least.
        I guess it depends on what floats your boat and gets your endorphins flowing, but that there needs to be a sense of emotional reward in the experience, I am in no doubt.

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