Versus Paranoia, Nothing Else

Here are three little animated films that I think fairly well illustrate different aspects of photography. The first, entitled “Versus,” is a film by ManvsMachine that shows the beauty and unreality of macros. Ironically, by zooming in to a “super-reality” we create images that are otherworldly–views no human eyes could discern, unaided. I find it cool that this film uses animation to create this visual super-reality, thus blending the real and unreal.

“Paranoia,” from Sandeepan Chanda, is about premonition, or paranoia. You decide. Either way, it reminds me of street photography. Are the stories we tell from our art real, or only real to us?

The third film is titled “Nothing Else” and takes us on 1st-person train ride featuring a man and a woman, and nothing else. The filmmakers do not allow embedding, but you can click the link and view it on Vimeo (grumble, grumble. I’d not have included it, but it works well with my theme here.) It harkens to street photography, or at least my many train rides with my camera, as I shoot the small moments that would otherwise be lost. Here, our hero misses his chance, perhaps and is left with naught.


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