Photo of the Day: Sebastião Salgado


African herders move along long-horned cattle, Sebastiao Salgado. Salgado is a photographer who does more than take breathtaking photos. He tries, and succeeds in having an impact from his photography. However, that isn’t why I’ve chosen this photo of the day. The reason is that it perfectly illustrates something my wife and I were discussing tonight. In order to get the shot, you must first get there. You will not make art in your living room. Whether you think Ansel Adams’s work is brilliant or mundane, one thing is true–he managed to get himself where the shots were.

Salgado has found himself and his camera at the ends of the Earth. I’m not even sure where the photo above was taken, but I’d guess South Sudan. If you want the world to remember your art, get off the sofa and go someplace new. The art will follow you there, I promise.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Sebastião Salgado

  1. He takes such wonderful shots. This one has the essence of a painting about it. One’s personal attitude also plays a big part in the creation of photographic images. If you love what you do, the quality of your work is likely to improve greatly, because if you can connect emotionally with your own images, others will too.

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