The Art of Language: How Lewis Nickell Deals With Tourette’s.

I don’t know anything about Lewis Nickell, in fact I only came across his videos through a link that a friend had posted on Facebook this morning. What I do know is that I liked the kid instantly. He’s laugh out loud funny, not as a result of his Tourette’s Syndrome, but because he is funny, and extremely charismatic. He is a very level headed, intelligent sounding, nice guy, and I think his approach to dealing with his condition is truly brilliant. His rendition of Three Blind Mice is a corker!

I’m keeping this post brief because I think Lewis should do all the talking, and show us the art of his language himself. In this video he talks to Radio Ulster’s presenter Vinnie Hurrell, and explains his condition and the reason he began making videos.

Check him out on Facebook and give him some love.
Lewis Qball Nickell

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!


5 thoughts on “The Art of Language: How Lewis Nickell Deals With Tourette’s.

  1. That was a great little video. You can tell how witty the kid is based just on his tics. “Little, Chinese baby!” I’m sure he’ll do fine. I’m wondering if we’ll see him on a TED video or doing stand-up in the future. Imagine the stories he’ll have to WANKER! tell.

    Admirable young man.

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