Days of Art: Buskers, Set 1

Contrary to what YouTwitFace commenters have asked, no, this isn’t Jesus. Okay, he used to be Jesus, but y’all didn’t listen, so this time he quit to play the guitar. Sort yourselves out. His actual name is Estas Tonne, and you can find his music here (

Ruebén Llorach, handpan, Granada, España

Mariusz Goli, Poland

5 thoughts on “Days of Art: Buskers, Set 1

  1. The guy in the first video is amazing. Incredible that he can keep playing for so long with his eyes closed, but after a few thousand times, vision is not necessary as muscle memory takes over.

    The second guy I’ve seen on various trips to Granada, although I’m not sure if we saw him on our last trip there.

    All three buskers are musicians worthy of every penny they get. Fantastic stuff!

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