It Wasn’t Supposed to do That.

BESS' ART JOURNAL: Through the eyes of an artist

dscf8946I shall be honest and admit that I am a bit of a stickler for using the best quality products when it comes to making jewellery. You kind of have to be if you’re marketing couture, bespoke jewellery. You certainly don’t want your masterpiece to fall to pieces once it has left the soft feathered nest of the workshop. Unhappy customers are never repeat customers, and furthermore they can damage your reputation if they give you poor feedback. So, when I buy a product that claims to be the best on the market, I expect it to be just that.

For some years now I have been using a Japanese manufactured thread for all of my bead weaving designs. The Japanese have a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality beads and threading materials, and as such the extra cost is worth every penny. Usually.

The threading medium I use is…

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