The Nature of Things: 3 #Animation Films

Although I’ve been a lifelong fan of animation, when it comes to selecting films to show here, I’m much less fan than I am fellow writer. I have no thematic bent; however,  I do look for shorts that tell a story in their brief allotted time. Here are 2 such videos, which combined should take up 14 minutes of your time, and display what I consider to be the nature of some fundamental elements of existence.

I doubt the animators would agree with my assessments, but so what? This is my space, not theirs. 🙂 With that in mind, here’s the nature of things explained, in no particular order.

The Nature of Sexism: “Moon Goddess” by Melanie Atwater


The Nature of Self-Expression: “Punctuwool” by Jacob Streilein


The Nature of Life: “On the Water” by yi zhao

If you’re wondering what my selection criteria are–awards, recommendations, etc.–they’re simple. I randomly look at animations and pick ones I like. I don’t care if they’re professional, student films, or hobbyists, as long as they tell a story and provide interesting animation. I stay away from one that look like 1990s video games or pure adverts because, yuck.


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