“The Old New World” (Photo-based animation project)

For lovers of both photography and animation (like my wife and me) this video is a natural fit. It is a marvelous piece of animation with camera projection based on old photos. In the first video, take a steampunk time machine trip through parts of New York City and Washington, D.C.

Now, take a short trip to London and Paris to see the construction of the Tower Bridge, the Sacre Coeur Basilica, and the Tour Eiffel. (Yes, it was red at one point.)

3 thoughts on ““The Old New World” (Photo-based animation project)

  1. I like the first animation a lot. As a photographer I am always aware of the importance of trying to seeing the modern and the typically mundane with the viewpoint that at some point it too will look dated, and have an iconic quality about it, that if it isn’t captured on camera will likely disappear into obscurity. As I went on the journey through the streets in this short film, I could imagine what it would be like for these scenes to be utterly normal, and I asked myself whether I would be compelled to take pictures of what I saw then. I was filled with the usual sense of asking myself why anybody would find such shots interesting, but remembered that a hundred years on such images become fascinating.


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