Elis Regina & Antônio Carlos Jobim – Águas de Março (1974)

When I started this website, it was with the idea of bringing art, daily, into the lives of those who don’t have time to find it. Now that I’ve retired from corporate life, I have more than enough time to find art, but still not as much time as I need for life. Priorities being what they are, however, after my wife and health, art comes next. So the rest will have to find it’s own way. With that in mind, while I may continue to refrain from the write-ups of photographic history and other longer tomes, I will continue to bring brief interludes of art into your lives. Stay tuned.

Next up is the classic rendition of jazz bossa nova classic “Águas de Março “(1974) recorded by the inimitable Antônio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. If you don’t like this, you definitely don’t like jazz, and you might actually have died. R.I.P. Here’s Tom (Antônio’s nickname) and Elis fulfilling an old dream of Elis’s by recording his songs with him. The absolute brilliant part of this recording, when you listen to it, is how much fun she is having. You get to hear (and see it here) at around the 2:40 mark.

Best. Thing. Ever.



One thought on “Elis Regina & Antônio Carlos Jobim – Águas de Março (1974)

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