Lost this week

Mary Tyler Moore – Ms. Moore began her career in earnest with the role of Laura Petrie in 1960s TV series The Dick Van Dyke Show. She later appeared in her own 1970s eponymous series, one of the first featuring strong, independent, single women. She was 80.

Sir John Vincent Hurt – Sir John passed away this week aged 77, of pancreatic cancer. His six-decade career included a starring role in The Elephant Man (1980), as well as appearances in Alien, I Claudius, Midnight Express, Harry Potter, and numerous other films and voice-acting roles.

Emmanuelle Riva – Ms. Riva was a French actress whose most memorable roles came  in the 1959 filem “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” then in 2012’s “Amour,” for which she became the oldest person nominated for a best-acting Oscar. She died Jan. 27 in Paris, aged 89.

Mike Connors – Mr. Connors is best known for his role as TV private investigator Joe Mannix. Mannix ran for 8 seasons (and has the personal distinction of being one of my grandmother’s favorites. Mr. Connors was 91.

Barbara Hale – Ms. Hale  was an American actress best known for her role as Perry Mason’s secretary Della Street, on the long-running television series starring Raymond Burr. Ms. Hale appeared on more than 300 episodes, including TV movies



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