Banksy’s Walled-Off Hotel in Bethlehem

Mysterious (and now wealthy) famed street artist* Banksy has opened his latest exhibition piece, this one a permanent one. It’s a hotel, named, aptly, the Walled Off Hotel, built in secrecy over the past 14 months abutted against the perimeter wall built by the Israelis to fence off Palestinians. He’s used the wall before for past art, and one only wonders how long before he does so again. In the interim, if you’re interested in seeing Bethlehem, you can now do so inside a true work of art.

For more, check out the video from The Guardian. (Click the link the start the video). For more photos of the hotel, see The Guardian‘s article: The Walled-Off Hotel in Pictures:

Source: AP, The Guardian, Reuters, Getty Images

*Definitions: A “graffiti artist is an artist who produces work, usually non-commissioned or without permission, on the street. A tagger is a talentless hack who produces shit art or ruins good grafitti with his/her stupid tags, often a street name/icon. A “street artist” is exactly like a graffiti artist, except they’re famous and/or rich. (See art patron)

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