Allegro Non Troppo

For your animation pleasure, here are segments from the 1977 Italian animated film, Allegro Non Troppo (Not so Fast!) a parody of Dismally’s Fantasia. Er, I meant Disney’s.

Ravel’s Boléro sequence

Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Debussy)

Valse Triste

Slovanské tance č. 7, op. 46


5 thoughts on “Allegro Non Troppo

  1. That was very entertaining. Very funny. Listening to Ravel’s Bolero was oddly very moving though, it kind of took me by surprise. It’s such a familiar piece of music, though I haven’t heard it in some years. That’s the problem with having a synaesthete brain, these things can be like time capsules.

    Thanks for posting these, honey. I enjoyed them very much. 🙂


    • I’m glad you liked them. I remember seeing them when they were new in my History of Animated Films class in college.

      With the obvious exception of Bo Derek’s 10, I’ve always been moved by that piece of movement. I think it’s the subtle increase in volume and intensity, combined with the steadiness of the beat. There is another live-action piece that was done to that music, but I’ve not found a quality video and it loses a little impact with low-resolution viewings. If I ever find a good one, I’ll post it.

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      • That’s interesting. I didn’t know you’d seen them in college. I thought you might have mentioned it in your post. The humour is great though, very Italian, and very much of its time.
        Bolero is a strong piece of music because essentially, it is a capsule piece that is repeated over and over throughout, increasing in intensity. By the last rondo you’ve become familiar with the melody and begin to hum along with it. Very clever use of repetition. Like musical poetry.


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