Zbig’s “The Orchestra – Finale” and Other Things

As I was writing to my wife, telling her about the existence of Polish director Zbigniew Rybczyński’s musical live-action piece, “The Orchestra,” bemoaning the fact that I’ve not found a video copy more than 360 pixels, here I found one that puports to be 720p. It’s not, of course, merely the 360p video artificially enlarged so that the posters can claim it’s HD. Still, it’s kinda sorta big enough to view, so here it go.

The finale features Ravel’s Boléro, although it might be outdone by the piece orchestrated around Frédéric Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 in B♭ minor, Op. 35, (popularly known as “The Funeral March,” because, damn, that’s a long title to ask for at Record Shack).

Here’s Boléro, on ascending staircases, a piece that purports to tell the story of the Soviet Union to that point. See if you can pick up the imagery.

Here’s Zbig’s version of the Funeral March by Chopin. It uses imagery very reminiscent of silent film villains, and silliness mixed with melodrama.

Here’s one of Zbig’s experimental pieces, “New Book,” which reminds me of the sort of videos one might encounter in DC’s Hirshhorn (spit) Museum. It’s odd, as all his work is, but somehow engaging. Headaches are engaging too, if you think about it.

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