Wonky Tower and Man Painting – More Layers

Diary of a Person Being Human

The tree line on the horizon has a little more tonal definition now and the foreground some more tonal variation. I’ve also blocked in the man and his wife in readiness for further glazes. The man will eventually be a lot darker as in the original photo, but I’m hoping that the texture of the fabric of his suit will be visible enough that it will give the old man a sense of movement. I need to fix his right shoe as currently he appears to have a club-foot (sorry old fella). Nothing a little paint won’t fix when his undercoat is dry.

The foreground is still too vivid and flat, and the tower and main church building a little too flat and not vivid enough. Good thing the sky doesn’t require anything else doing to it!

Meanwhile, I’m still reading up on painting techniques and picking the brains of…

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